land trusts, no trust, and great illusions

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Apr 26 08:34:24 EST 1998

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It just happened again. Each year I lose a few clients to land trusts
and/or the land gets taken over by the state.

Some landowners take advantage of tax gimmicks by granting their land to
land trusts or to the state. I seriously doubt they really give it away
to be nice.

Then state foresters or the trusts' forester gets to manage the land.
But is the land any better off? Is the public any better off, when the
public already owns a vast amount of land around here most of which is
minimally managed if at all- and that land is now off the tax rolls?

It's really kind of crazy the way we Americans look at land ownership
and shuffle the land back and forth among title holders- via notches on
pieces of paper called "deeds"- all carried out like some great Monopoly

The history of the land of America is all about stealing it from the
Indians- then the various colonial empires fighting over - then massive
abuse- then the Monopoly game of trying to think of schemes to profit
over it's transferals back and forth by the owners, by brokers, by
lawyers, by bureaucrats- and those tax gimmicks- all done with great
rationalization and ceremony. Looked at this way - it all seems
illegitimate. What a way to treat a planet- by this pretentious species,
Homo Sapiens, the Naked Ape.

I'm not sure it's all something to be proud of. We live in this land and
must obey the rules, but we don't have to worship the way it all
happened. We won the wars, so we write the histories. That doesn't mean
truth is on our side. There isn't much real glory in those history books
if you read between the lines. And if you look down on the planet from
orbit, you don't see any boundaries at all- nations, states, estates...
they're really all illusions and delusions like much of the rest that
we're brainwashed into believing. And because of these imaginary bounds,
great immorality occurs and has occurred since Adam and Eve (members of
Homo Erectus of course).

And I'm not so sure that land trusts are such a great idea either.

And despite all that hoopla, most forest land in America REMAINS
unmanaged or very poorly managed. No wonder I'm the ultimate skeptic and

Der Yankee Forestmeister

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sophisticated state of Massachusetts"

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."
Henry David Thoreau

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