Weyerhaeuser endangers homeless men.

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>Joseph Zorzin wrote:
>> And I read Gore's book and that wasn't his writing style; as Gore's
>> style is illegible. I like the guy, but his book seemed as if written by
>> a high school junior. On any given page he'd talk about 50 different
>> concepts; all jumbled up. To an unsophisticated person, it might seem
>> sophisticated, but to me it seemed sloppy and confused. Yet, I'm gonna
>> vote for the guy. He'll just have to find a better ghost writer for his
>> speeches. Course, once upon a time presidents - like Lincoln- actually
>> wrote their own speeches.
>The vote is now:  Gore 1,  Bush 1  (Bush is know to hire better ghost

Bush Jr. ?????  If it is a race between these two clowns I'm gonna have to
write in Gary Hart again (or maybe vote for Ross).

>AP in Houston Chronicle had a long article on the home less employees,
>and did not mention any firm that used the service, only the ones that

Don't call them "homeless".  In our political correctness, they should be
referred to as "outdoorsman".

Credit to a Mike Richards talk show caller.


>Don Staples

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