Underwater Logging

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Apr 27 15:04:37 EST 1998

Don Baccus wrote:
> In article <35434449.B6E0481F at forestmeister.com>,
> Joseph Zorzin  <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote:
> >Sure, the underwater logs belong to the state, but the state barely knew
> >those logs were there. And the state would NEVER have the brains, the
> >balls or the money to turn those logs into a valuable resource. So the
> >state should GIVE them away to whoever has the gumption to get them;
> Why not leave them?
> --

I suppose we could say that about all economic activity. Actually I
think mankind peaked out in the Paleolithic. Stone age man's ability to
damage the Earth was limited and I don't see where we've gained much. Of
course virtually nobody agrees with me on this one.

I would have enjoyed being a Cro Magnon. No gov. overseers. <G>


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