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> >Not quite true Don. West of the Cascades, according to Chris Maser, the main
> >prey is the California Red-backed vole, with smaller incidental prey including
> >squirrel, white-footed deer mouse, pack rat, and Red tree vole.
> >Chris has also estimated production of California Red-backed vole (no science
> >here, just guess) at 500-3000 per acre, easily making it the largest animate
> >biomass available.
> Hmm...when did he publish this?  The flying squirrel stuff came from very
> early studies in the 1970s and of course far many more nso, in many
> more locales in the PNW, have been studied since then.
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Chris Maser was the original scientific source for much of the data now
cosidered in the so-called New Forestry. Here are some sources:

Maser, C.; Trappe, J.M.; Nussbaum, R.A. Fungal-small mammal interrelationships
with emphasis on Oregon coniferoius forests. Ecology 59:799-809; 1978

Maser, C.; Trappe, J.M.; ure, D.C. Implications of small mammal mycophagy to
the management of western coniferous forests. Proc. N. Amer. Wildl. and Nat.
Resour. Conf. 43:78-88; 1978

Maser, Z; Maser, C; Trappe, J.M. Food habits of the northern flying squirrel
(Glaucomys sabrinus) ion oregon. Can. J. Zool. 63:1084-1088; 1985.

Fogel, R.; Trappe, J.M. Fungus consumption (mycophagy) by small animals.
Northwest Sci. 52:1-31, 1978.

I would also encourage you to reach some of Chris' other works, including The
Redefined Forest, and

Trappe, J.M.; Maser, C. Ectomycorrhizal fungi, interactions of mushrooms and
truffles with beasts and trees. In: T. Walters (ed.). Mushrooms and man: an
interdisciplinary approach to mycology. Albany, Oregon: Linn-Benton Community
College; pp. 165-179; 1977.

Ure, D.C.; Maser, C. Mycophagy of red-backed voles in Oregon and Washington.
Can. J. Zool. 6:3307-3315; 1982.

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Once you get done with these, there are 150 citations at the end of "Key to
Spores of the Genera of Hypogeous Fungi of North Temperate Forests with
special reference to animal mycophagy," by Michael A. Castellano, James M.
Trappe, Zane Maser, & Chris Maser. c.1989, Mad River Press.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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