DEBATE OF '98- responsibilities of forest land owners

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>In a previous article, dhogaza at (Don Baccus) says:

>>Johnsgard then goes on to point out that in the Rockies spotted owl
>>are dependent on wood rats.

>Is this in reference to the Mexican Spotted Owl or some other species?  As
>far as I know, the eastern extent of the range for Nothern Spotted Owl is
>the transition forests just east of the Cascade crest.

When I was in Idaho years ago, backpacking in the Sawtooth's, much to my
surprise I learned there are nso in some of the forests, in Doug fir.
Apparently some of these bits of what I guess are more or less the Rockies
are wet enough for that kind of forest.  This is in Idaho.  

I'm at my coast house, Johnsgard is back in Portland, so I don't have it
handy to see what he says about the easternmost extent of its range.

The Mexican spotted owl and nso are subspecies, not full species, in the
"it doesn't really matter all that much" catagory of info...


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