WAFC Forest Focus - April 28, 1998

Mike Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Wed Apr 29 10:52:55 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Western Ancient Forest Campaign wrote:
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> > From: Steve Holmer <wafcdc at igc.apc.org>
> Keep your posts comming Steve. I enjoy reading them. Also, if your
> newsfeed has alt.forestry, please post there too- for all those people
> who foolishly think that agroforestry has something to do with agro. <G>
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> > FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
> > Campaign, April 28, 1998  To reach us call (202)879-3188,
> > fax (202)879-3189, or email WAFCDC at igc.apc.org
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> > SHOWDOWN:  House and Senate Conferees are now considering the
> > Supplemental Appropriations bill to fund disaster relief and the Bosnia
> > peace mission.  A rider to undermine the proposed roadbuilding
> > moratorium and encourage logging in roadless areas was attached to the
> > Senate version of the bill by Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID).
> Figures. Very relevant to Bosnia; an counry torn apart by hatred.
> >
> > TIMBER WARS:  The San Francisco Chronicle editorialized in favor
> > of Chief Michael Dombeck's "new course in conservation" saying,
> > "The Clinton Administration, through Dombeck, has been trying to
> > strike a better balance with the other purposes of a National Forest:
> > Recreation, watershed management and habitat for fish and wildlife."
> > The Chronicle noted that the Administration's proposed roadbuilding
> > moratorium "...made sense from both a fiscal and conservation
> > standpoint."
> Now, we should clone Dombeck and send'em to the states for leadership.
The local paper ran that editorial here as well. I expect the usual
backlash to appear in the paper for the next few days. I thought it
was pretty brave of the editor.
> >
> > BAD SALE:  Comments are being accepted until April 30 by the
> > Gifford Pinchot National Forest on the Johnson timber sale which
> > proposes to log old growth forest and a Riparian Reserve that is the
> > headwaters of Johnson Creek, says an alert from Northwest Ecosystem
> > Alliance.  The sale is located on the border of the Goats Rocks
> > Wilderness Area and Johnson Creek provides essential spawning and
> > rearing habitat for the endangered steelhead trout.
> Of course if they know what they're doing, there wouldn't be any damage
> to the streams; it shouldn't be assumed that the streams will be
> damaged- but then again...
> >Yep. We have no way of knowing what the alternatives are, but done properly riparian areas require silviculture as much as any other part of the National Forest. Since Randle is the district office, I expect this sale to be in west side Douglas Fir/Hemlock, probably big timber but not necessarily old growth. If so, this type has been thinned successfully on the Olympic. A result of partial harvest in this type is the generation of a mid level canopy, increased understory/underbrush and a respectable increase in diameters. Sometimes this is a good thing. 

Without knowing more about the specific site its hard to say flatly
that NOT harvesting in a riparian forest is always the best option. We
all know that this has been done poorly in the past but its about time
to try and set up some good examples.


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