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Thu Apr 30 01:48:25 EST 1998

OK, somebody asked about the NWO a while back.  Here is a post I just recently
picked up from alt.greatlakes.  There are some forestry related KEYWORDS in the
post so it sort-a is on topic (  S----T----R---E----A----C-----H  ) The area
that they are talking about is REALLY close to home.  I just may have to put on
my night goggles, camo and moccasins to investigate.  Better yet, maybe I'll
just log on to one of the Satelites and do some long range "mapping" -- see if
I can come up with something.

Here ya go:

Subject:	No-fly zone enforced by jet fighters from Selfridge?
From:	"Robert Bethune" < at>
Date:	30 Apr 1998 01:13:41 GMT

At one of the recent National Park Service meetings about Isle Royale, a
fellow stood up and stoutly declared that there is a no-fly zone over
Manistee National Forest, enforced by jet fighters flying out of Selfridge
Air National Guard base. The implication seemed to be that if you take your
Piper Cub out over the area, you'll catch a missile up your tail. It was
associated in some way with the United Nations, but just how was a bit
difficult to follow.

Usually, when a belief like this gets started, there is some kernal of fact
or truth that serves as the springboard. Out of that small seed, a mighty
oak grows.

Can anyone speculate as to what the seed of this idea might be?
Robert Bethune of Ann Arbor, MI
Freshwater Seas (, serving those who sail in
Great Lakes waters.
"The more you know, the more you can imagine."(TM)

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