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> > > "Trees cause air pollution".
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> > It does seem to have picked up a bit. Kind of nice. Especially nice to see the
> > post 'bout American chestnut.
> >
> > BTW, did Ronny Reagan's quote come _before_ or _after_ he was diagnosed as
> > having Alzheimer's? ;)
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> Don't know, but several years ago the Environmental Department of the
> city government of Houston, Texas, released a press story that 30% of
> the air pollution in Houston was caused by trees!  In a city with the
> largest petro-chemical industry on  the Gulf Coast, if not the nation.
> After the fire storm died down, they had a little back page article
> retracting, no, restating their position, and said they were talking
> about pollen release from pine trees!  Just added gas to the fire.
> Now if they had talked to a forester...........................
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One of the advantages to growing a wide variety of fungi is that no matter
what the media tells you, you can still usually get a crop of mushrooms out of
it. Just roll the newspaper into a roll, let stand in a pail with some water
in the bottom, and inoculate with Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster mushroom). An
excellent method of recycling, and pretty effective at degrading dioxin and
PCP, DDT also.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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