Mexican spotted owl, east into Texas?

Don Baccus dhogaza at
Thu Apr 30 15:19:39 EST 1998

Don Staples asked, in one of these two groups (I forget which and didn't
have reference stuff handy when he asked), if Mexican spotted owls are
found as far east as Texas.

As far as I can tell from the National Geographic field guide, they're
found in the Guadalupe Mountains which appear to be mostly in New Mexico,
though they extend south into Texas where they form the Guadalupe Mountains
National Park.  This appears to be the only place where they were known
in Texas at the time of publication.

There are others in Mexico south of Texas, though, in the Sierra Madre
Oriental (also in the Sierra Madre Occidental, of course, but that's
considerably west of Texas).  

Peterson's most recent edition agrees with the above.  


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