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This came in after a bunch of synical jests at black helocopters and
accusations of paronoia.  It speaks of FACTS.  Maybe this one is for you,

Here ya go:

Subject:	Re: No-fly zone enforced by jet fighters from Selfridge?
From:	Bobby Foster <bobbyf at fostergraphics.com>
Date:	Thu, 30 Apr 1998 11:53:34 -0500

Robert Bethune wrote:

> At one of the recent National Park Service meetings about Isle Royale, a
> fellow stood up and stoutly declared that there is a no-fly zone over
> Manistee National Forest, enforced by jet fighters flying out of Selfridge
> Air National Guard base. The implication seemed to be that if you take your
> Piper Cub out over the area, you'll catch a missile up your tail. It was
> associated in some way with the United Nations, but just how was a bit
> difficult to follow.
> Usually, when a belief like this gets started, there is some kernal of fact
> or truth that serves as the springboard. Out of that small seed, a mighty
> oak grows.
> Can anyone speculate as to what the seed of this idea might be?
> --

In fact, the United Nations has begun setting aside National Parks and other
ecologically sensitive areas as International Nature Reserves. So far, they
aquired Yellowstone, The Blue Ridge Mountains, The Smoky Mountains in N.C.,
Isle Royale, Acadia, and many other National Park Areas.

If you visit, you will most likely see signs declaring the area as a U.N.
Nature reserve. At the request of Al Gore and several other tree-huggers,
the UN has been actively setting aside these areas around the world in hopes
of preserving them for future generations.

While this sounds like a good idea to ecologists, the reality is that the USA
is surrendering property and sovereignty to an International organization
whose agenda is contrary to the ideals of our founding fathers.

As to there being a no-fly zone over these areas, that is news to me.

Say hello to the New World Order.

Bobby Foster
Owner, Creative Director
Foster Graphics

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