Appropriate Roles for State Forestry Bureaucrats

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> KMorrisD wrote:
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> > .>One good reason to think about this on the national basis is that
> > >of the salaries of service foresters and some policy comes from the
> > >USFS.
> > 
> > Really?  I thought they were paid just out of state tax returns.  So if
> > interstate, maybe we could prosecute under the RICOH Act. <G>
> > 
> Yup, a major portion. Perhaps somebody else here knows the details. But
> the service forestry program was initiated by the USFS and they pay much
> of the cost.

Well not a major portion in NC.  The Service Foresters are paid from state
budget funds.  However, a few Staff Foresters out of the main State Capitol
office are paid through funds allocated to the state by the USFS.  The
state forest service has to show the feds the amount of work they are
accomplishing to continue to receive these funds.  These funds cover some
of the Urban Foresters, Watershed Protection Foresters and some of the
Research Foresters salary.  

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> I'll be you a nickel, no service foresters will respond to this thread.
> They'll hide out until the smoke clears, and a "nice" subject comes-
> like how much forestry burros help private landowners.
> I'll also bet Don Staples must be on vacation, or he would have jumped
> in with a few Texas sized stories- since he's not too timid to buck the
> burros. <G>
> Joe

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