why so few hardwoods in the PNW?

Thomas Kellar tkellar at FSP.FSP.COM
Thu Aug 6 05:21:17 EST 1998

I used to live in Washington when I was a kid.  I know the 
eastern side is a practically a desert.  I remember the 
tumble weeds that we used to chase around.  However is not
the western side, south of Puget Sound kind of wet?  The
Olympic rain forest is there. Or has it all dried up because
of deforestation?  That was a few years ago. (:))

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> redoak at forestmeister.com says...
> > So why are conifers dominate in the PNW, a mild wet climate?
> You been listening to the press releases again, Zorzin.  The PNW is wet 
> in the winter.  In the summer we often go 90 days with no rain at all, 
> and the whole region turns into a tinderbox.  We have a fire climax 
> ecology, where everything in sight burns to the ground every 50 years or 
> so.
> Douglas Fir is a disaster opportunist.  Give it direct sunlight and it 
> will form a forest in a couple decades.  Give it shade and you have 90% 
> dead seedlings.
> -- Larry

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