landowner question re:post logging cleanup

Warren Lang wslang2 at
Thu Aug 6 18:27:55 EST 1998

A few more notes from South of the Mason Dixon, scribbled in the

I am not aware of any kind of heavy equipment that is going to do much
to privet, other than piss it off. It is evil incarnate. Contact your
county extension agent for some advice on what herbicides to use. The
stuff is tougher to kill than kudzu. Plan on a long, protracted
struggle, but you can win, eventually. It is a battle of wills, requires
determination on your part, and if you are not totally committed to
winning you will lose.

With the hot dry weather we are having down here right now, should be a
good time to start that project. But do not start unless you are totally
committed to winning. In this battle, there is no second place.

As an ancillary note, as far as loggers cleaning up the mess, I would
have to question scheduling another timber sale so close to the last. It
may even out your cash flow, but the property will always look like

Warren Lang
Jefferson, GA

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