why so few hardwoods in the PNW?

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>I used to live in Washington when I was a kid.  I know the 
>eastern side is a practically a desert.

The technical term is "sage-steppe", and it mostly averages
just a bit more than true desert.  Enough so you can grow
wheat in the Palouse.

>I remember the tumble weeds that we used to chase around.

Non-native species of plant, BTW...and interesting symbol of
the West :)

>However is not
>the western side, south of Puget Sound kind of wet?

Depends on your definition.  If you live in Kaui you might
point to the top of the mountain where it rains 450 inches
a year on average and scoff at the notion that the Oly
Penninsula is "wet", with its paltry 60-120 inches a year
depending on locale. 


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