Need a source for 1,000 kilos of Eucalyptus seed for US plantation

Paulina & Eduardo pfernan at
Thu Aug 6 00:07:29 EST 1998

Maybe another good suppliers could be Australia, you can contact the
forestry dept there, they have avery good seed center. Anotehr possibility
is Brazil, they have the largest eucaliptus plantations in the world.

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Eduardo Perez
Forest engineer
pfernan at

Olivier Martre <Olivier.Martre at> wrote in the article
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> Crankrod a écrit dans le message
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> >   Anybody out there know of a source for large quantities of Hybrid
> Eucalyptus
> >seed ????????????
> Eucalyptus has been used on a large scale in Spain and Portugal for
> reforestation (mainly with a view for producing paper pulp). I don't have
> any idea which hybrids are used. May be you should contact nurseries
> Olivier.Martre at

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