landowner question re:post logging cleanup

Robinson robfarm at
Fri Aug 7 13:30:41 EST 1998

Warren Lang wrote:

. Georgia Forestry Commission has some tractors they use to cut
> firebreaks, if you ask them real nice they may push enough of it back to
> safely burn. They charge a little bit for this, but it is ridiculously
> cheap. Last time they charged me $28 an hour for the time the machine is
> running, and that included an operator. Probably not more than 2-3 hours
> of work for them out there, I would be surprised if it cost you over
> $100.> 
Thanks, I'll give them a call and find out about that. And I'll also see
if the extension agent knows a better herbicide than what I've used.
I've tried some brush killer, I think made by Ortho, but all it seems to
do is make a little ill for a week or two.
 Our timber consultant came by today, he said he'd try to push them to
come back out and finish up the dozer work. I told him that even if they
can just do the acreage behind the house that we're planning to convert
to pasture, then I  wouldn't mind waiting a while longer for the rest to
be done. Then I can get my fence up and forage planted this fall.Of
course the mosquitos have been kinda rough this summer what with all the
long narrow ponds they left for us. I just wish I had a real pond here.
 He was also telling us that the  bottom has pretty much dropped out of
the timber market around here, so I guess we'll just hold off on that
other sale till next year and see if the prices come back up. 
 Thanks for the advice.

Mike and Lorri Robinson	
Monticello, GA

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