landowner question re:post logging cleanup

Warren Lang wslang2 at
Fri Aug 7 09:02:51 EST 1998

And it's really too tall for me to get good
>coverage with spraying, I figure if I could push it all back away
>further from the house to burn, then I can attack the re-growth with
>herbicide. I wish it was inside my existing pasture because our draft
>horses are sure chewing  the hell out what they can get to.

I went to your home page and see what you mean- looks kinda close to the
house. Georgia Forestry Commission has some tractors they use to cut
firebreaks, if you ask them real nice they may push enough of it back to
safely burn. They charge a little bit for this, but it is ridiculously
cheap. Last time they charged me $28 an hour for the time the machine is
running, and that included an operator. Probably not more than 2-3 hours
of work for them out there, I would be surprised if it cost you over
$100. Anything you can kill now will help the fire burn hotter, so some
kind of herbicide treatment will also help.

If it is too tall to spray, a cut surface treatment may kill it also.
Check with your state forester or extension agent for any ideas they may
have. They know way more than I do.

Sorry I can't help with getting the loggers to clean up after
themselves, just kind of the way it is down here. If it helps any, I've
been there also. Once they get their equipment moved from the site,
don't hold your breath waiting for them to come back.

Warren Lang
Jefferson, GA

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