landowner question re:post logging cleanup

Wudman69 wudman69 at
Fri Aug 7 15:08:45 EST 1998

>> What's a bobcat? I thought they were little cat creatures that are
>> common but nobody ever sees. <g>
>> I know about skidders and bulldozers but never saw a bobcat piece of
>> machinery. If there are any pictures of one available on the net, tell
>> me where, or if anyone has a picture, please upload it.
>> JZ
>You have seen them on construction sites, Joe.  They are the
>mini-blade/bucket/front end loader/fork lift, usually fueled by LPG,
>used in whare houses as well.  Usually small wheeled, I would thing
>there would be limitations on their use in the woods.
>Don Staples
>UIN 4653335

A bobcat is a small skid-steer rubber tired machine.  One would almost fit in
the back of a full size pick-up.  In the beginnings of the mechanical thinning
days here in the south, it was fairly common to see one of these outfitted with
a shear.  It was also fairly common to see them upside down.  A bobcat doesn't
have enough power to do much pushing.  When land clearing, the old saying, "the
bigger the better" holds a lot of truth.  Small tractors are nice to play with,
but to get the job done, think about a D5 size or larger tractor.  Your hourly
rates may be higher, but it will be cheaper in the long run.

Jeff Watts
Waverly, VA

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