why so few hardwoods in the PNW?

Don Baccus dhogaza at pacifier.com
Fri Aug 7 20:53:25 EST 1998

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Larry Caldwell <larryc at teleport.com> wrote:
>In article <35ca9bda.0 at news.pacifier.com>, dhogaza at pacifier.com says...
>> Personally, I'd prefer he be ignorant and well meaning, rather than
>> knowledgable and a lying fuck.
>One thing is pretty plain.  I don't like Backass any more than he likes 
>me.  He's an ignorant jerk who likes to pose as an expert.

Well, Larry, I'm not ignorant enough to post that our westside coniferous
forests here in the PNW burn down every 50 years absent fire suppression.

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