why so few hardwoods in the PNW?

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> >It's the huge diversity of opinion that makes this ng interesting.
> Frequency and magnitude of fires in our temperate rainforests isn't a
> matter of opinion, but of history...
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I would definitely have to agree with you on this one, Don. Fires, big and
small, were rare in the rainforest type areas but, they did happen. In the
redwood forests of California, fires were essential to the survival of
redwoods. Their thick bark is testament to that and is part of their
survival strategy and dominance. Since we can't go and burn much through
the redwoods, logging has to suffice as a means of simulating the natural
occurence of fire. Picking and plucking trees that would have naturally
died while identifying and saving those genetically superior trees is
essential to today's forestry.
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