Echinacea Extinction?

zod scalzod at
Tue Aug 11 16:11:25 EST 1998

    I believe the Herb Pharm (HerbPharm at in Williams cultivates some
portion of their echinacea stock.
    I've also noticed a move towards an 'ethically wildcrafted' nomenclature in
journals, marketing and fireside chats.  Hard to enforce; with a high payoff  for

dwheeler at wrote:

> Propagation is certainly a possibility Jim. But if anyone is growing it
> commercially, I am unaware of it. Certainly not in the quantities being
> wildcrafted at this time. And the extremely popularity as an immuno-stimulator
> does not bode well for long-term survival.
> If you personally know of large-scale cultivation, I hope you will let the ng
> know.

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