25' buffer around ponds

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Aug 12 04:44:34 EST 1998

(to the forestry newsgroups on planet Earth- and select politicians of
the corrupt state of Massachusetts)

ForestFair wrote:

> Timber harvests on private land in NY are not overseen by state foresters --
> the only regulatory oversight is by water quality people, unless a local
> jurisdiction has passed its own ordinances regulating logging.
> FF

I hold that timber harvests in Massachusetts should not be overseen by
state foresters, when the job is already overseen by a forester
(licensed when it finally comes).

It's absolutely idiotic that a state forester has to go around and
"oversee" the work already being overseen by a qualified forester and
get picky about idiotic little details in his idiotic little book of
RULES AND REGULATIONS- especially when many of these rules are foolishly
simplistic- especially when this same state has allowed General Electric
to destroy the city of Pittsfield by pulling out most of the only good
jobs in the city, leaving the city on a lake of deadly toxic PCBs
filling the acquirer under the city and the Housatonic River. The
politicians have known about this for 25 years and did nothing so as to
not get the all powerful billion dollar corporation angry, giving it
massive special tax breaks to keep it around, only to have it pull up
stakes and move those jobs oversees- like the traitors they are- now
here I'm talking massive environmental destruction- for which those
politicians had their heads up their asses- and which will ultimately
cost billions to fix.

In 1983 (yes, 14 years ago, not 4 years ago), I published a newsletter.
I asked my new state rep. Chris Hodgkins to write something about the
environment for the newsletter. He (his staff most likely) wrote a
couple of pages on environmental issues, especially the PCB problem,
discussing what a terrible thing it is. A lot of politicians have spoken
up about this issue, but none actually did anything about this until
only recently since the public is up in arms over the issue, now that
they're dying like flies from bladder cancer, and now that all the good
jobs have already left- no more need to avoid antagonizing GE for fear
they'd pull out. But this same politician will NOT reply to any of my
countless letters, faxes, and emails regarding the NECESSARY REFORMS in
our state forestry agency and laws. I wouldn't mind half so much if he
wrote back pointing out the errors in my thinking- which he won't do
because there are no errors in my thinking and he knows it. <G>

So I have to waste my time because this one state forestry guy doesn't
want to see a few branches near this pond as if I and the logger are
incompetent. The state pays this guy $50,000 per year to go around and
pester foresters and loggers over such trivial details, when the STATE
LEADERS didn't and don't have the guts to force General Electric to pay
for it's destruction of my county's economy and ecology. Instead, most
say further "negotiation" is needed. I think they do this because
they're all money grubbing hypocrites- and their lack of decency to
reply to my messages is PROOF that they don't want the full truth to
come out about just how decadent state government really is, with a
failed and fraudulent civil service- more concerned about a few branches
than the billions of dollars of damage and many lives lost to cancer by
General Electric- a decadent and fraudulent state government that works
in their interest- for which they are the state Mafia racket's capos and

I might add that the one time I complained to my state Senator, Andrea
Nuciforo about some very, very questionable hiring practices of my state
forestry agency... instead of investigating the issue, he forwarded my
letter to the agencies lawyers for review! That was absurd- like Nixon
asking the FBI to investigate that "two-bit burglary" at the Watergate-
the same lawyers who threatened me with a libel suit in 1980 because I
dared criticize some bad behavior in this agency. When I sent the
Senator a follow up letter a few months latter- he failed to respond.
And all of those letter were also cc'd to my state rep. and the big man
himself, his honor, the Governor. No replies from anyone. Isn't that

The state of Mass. government has a lot in common with the Soviet Union
just before it's collapse, a big bag of hot air and lies. I think it may
be time for my state legislature, if it were doing it's job to just shut
down my state forestry agency, put it out of its misery. <G>

Joe Zorzin

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