25' buffer around ponds- partial correction + retraction!

Susan112 susan112 at aol.com
Wed Aug 12 16:38:00 EST 1998

A buffer to keep shade on a pond makes sense to me, but the woody debris thing
doesn't...I've had Boy Scouts go out onto state land on our constructed
wildlife water holes, old clay mine pits, and other fishless ponds and place
woody debris along the shallow edges of the ponds for amphibian egg laying
This was by suggestion of the herpetologist who works for our Natural History
section and who has written up statewide guidelines for this type of
thing....Missouri, not Massachusetts mind you :)

He was looking for larger and flatter material than tops, but I would think
tops would do in a pinch.  I can't understand why they would get their hose in
such a knot over it Joe, even if it was a whole top from the current harvest.


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