Echinacea Extinction?

Jim Wright jwright at
Thu Aug 13 00:52:20 EST 1998

dwheeler at wrote:
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>  Jim Wright <jwright at> wrote:
>> A concern, obviously, but judging from the rate a which it is
>> being propagated agriculturally, those high prices won't hold, and
>> natural populations will get a chance to recover, soon.
>> Jim
>Propagation is certainly a possibility Jim. But if anyone is growing it
>commercially, I am unaware of it. Certainly not in the quantities being
>wildcrafted at this time. And the extremely popularity as an immuno-stimulator
>does not bode well for long-term survival.
>If you personally know of large-scale cultivation, I hope you will let the ng

Well the crop is rapidly becoming a fad in Western Canada.  I couldn't
speculate how many acres are being grown, but the potential is for lots.
Please understand that I have *no* expert knowledge, but my impression 
that there is a speculative boom happening, something like with 
ostriches, gensing, etc.  (If I'd known how much in demand it was, and 
how little was being grown I would have got in on the ground floor). :-)
Maybe it's not too late. 


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