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> > BEWARE: There are some real killers that look just like chantarelles.
> > Probably....?
> > Get someone you don't like or a politician to taste them first.
> I volunteer.
> > Good luck. The pickles sound fantastic.
> I've also had very good results pressure canning chanterelles.  Probably
> the most spectacular mushroom I ever canned was lactarius sanguifluua,
> which colored the broth a light ruby color.
> -- Larry

That's a new one for me Larry. What trees did you find it with? Most Lactarii
are mycorrhizal, and would be candidates for cultivation. Provided you can
accurately distinquish between L. sanguifluus (a prior name according to
David Aurora in Mushrooms Demystified, more correctly known as L.
rubrilacteus) and L. vinaceorufescens and L. chrysorheus, which can grow
nearby. Aurora further states, under edibility: "Edible, but not pleasing to
everyone becuase of its granular texture; usually better, however, than L.
deliciosus..." It does look beautiful, but regretfully I've seldom (if ever)
seen it.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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