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Echinacea Extinction?

bgies at ginseng.ca bgies at ginseng.ca
Thu Aug 13 09:51:17 EST 1998

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998 22:43:37 -0700, Gary Matson <matson at snowcrest.net> wrote:
> Ms. Reed,   Could you point me to more information regarding root cutting
> propagation of Echinacea?  Is it really root cutting being done, or some kind of
> division? What size or position of roots and what timing and treatments are
> required?  Thanks for any leads and/or information.     Gary Matson
> Monique Reed wrote:
> > >Propagation is certainly a possibility Jim. But if anyone is growing it
> > >commercially, I am unaware of it. Certainly not in the quantities being
> > >wildcrafted at this time. And the extremely popularity as an immuno-stimulator
> > >does not bode well for long-term survival.
> >
> > >If you personally know of large-scale cultivation, I hope you will let the ng
> > >know.
> >
> > I don't know of any operations for sure, but I corresponded with one woman who
> > wanted to plant ten acres of it.  We figured the cost of seed, based on a
> > supplier's price and suggested rate of sowing.  Then we figured it would be
> > two or three years before the roots were good sized, and that she would want
> > to propagate the next crop from root cuttings (faster) rather than seed.  We
> > also figured some crop loss from poachers.  It worked out, with irrigation and
> > such, to be horrifically expensive.  I thought sure she'd choke, but she
> > didn't bat an eye--the sale price must be that good. I never heard if she
> > pursued it or not.
> >
> > M. Reed
> > Texas A&M

There are hundreds of commercial Echinacea growers. In fact, the 
entire market could be supplied by the commercial growers, and 
considering the fact that many Echinacea species are endangered, 
and there is an ample supply of commercially grown Echinacea, all 
of organically grown, it is irresponsible for anyone to wildcraft 
it, or purchase Echinacea that is said to be from wild.


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