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KMorrisD wrote:

> Joe,
> What happens when we get REAL forester licensing that puts the power and
> control over administration of cutting plans with licensed consulting and
> industrial foresters?  Do we then become quoters of SCRIPTURE and AGENTS OF THE

Licensing should remove the profession from state control.  Put it under
a State Forestry Board, like the lawyers and their bar.  If I am
licensed to practice in the state, why should some political forester
that possibly has not planted his/her first tree, cut his/her first
tree, or actually faced his first challenge on the land, control my
business?  Why should a political hack control private business?  

> Or would it be possible to have some more reasonable, flexible way to insure
> that good silviculture is practiced, wetlands are protected and so on?  Some
> way that makes professional responsibility a reality.

When has a consultant not been responsibly for his work?  We just cant
seem to accept the idea that we need to organize and eliminate the
forestry consultant that is not a forester, the logger that is a
forestry adviser and the dude with a chain saw 8 hours old and now a
professional what ever. 
> I'd like to think that such would be possible, but I can imagine the current
> discrepancies between burro interpretations of the rules multiplied a hundred
> fold.  It might drive loggers nuts.

Loggers should not be in the stew, unless also foresters, why weaken the
licensing act by inviting in non-foresters?  The SAF did that with their
"associates", and now need to "certify" foresters.  Used to be, a member
of the SAF was "certified".
> Maybe you have some dispute resolution committee and procedures to deal with
> problems of this nature.  That might work.

Yup, just like the lawyers, out from under the control of the state.

I have pinned my hopes on the ACF, unfortunately, they sometimes fall
into the SAF mold when leadership faulters.

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