jim logsdon jlogsdon at MAIL.GOWER.NET
Sun Aug 16 12:46:14 EST 1998

I have just moved to east-central Texas and am wondering about the
possibilities of logging on private land.  I'm wondering if it would be
profitable to be a one-man operation and selectively log a piece of land,
then haul it to a lumber mill.  How many acres needed to maintain a
long-term management plan? Is pine the most profitable?  I saw an ad in the
local paper advertizing 74 acres of planted 12-15 year old pine for sale,
ready for thinning?  Would there be a market for the trees that are thinned
out of this plot?  Are the days of a one-man team logging operation a
distant memory or can a hard-working person make a decent living doing
this?  Thanks for your input -- Brett

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