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25' buffer around ponds

NC Lorax (nospam) nclorax at infoave.net
Sun Aug 16 17:18:14 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote in article
<35D702D6.6C07E0D0 at forestmeister.com>...

> I have no problem with the rules regarding streams, except that they are
> too rigid, and may even be insufficient. After all, all streams do not
> have a 25' flood plain on each side. Perhaps the rule should say to keep
> all such debris out of the flood plain. Or are foresters too stupid to
> figure what the flood plain is? I suppose the rule makers consider us
> intelligent enough to use a 25' tape, or for the really stupid ones to
> walk 5-6 paces. Yup, I think I can figure out how to do that.
Interesting, that you have a specific distance requirement.  NC regulations
ultimately require the logger, timber buyer, or landowner to do what is
necessary to limit the amount of sedimentation from entering the stream. 
The NCDFR does have a book showing Best Management Practices Guidelines,
but you can do whatever works.  This requires some planning but it makes it
rather flexible. 

However, I have had some individuals tell me they want a specific rule
i.e.. no cutting within 25 - 50 -100 feet etc of a stream.  With this they
can just forget about all the timber in the stream side management zone, (
guess it wouldn't be a management zone anymore) forget about installing
measures to protect the stream, and cut to their hearts content.  I like
the flexible way of doing things.

> BTW, are you the guy with that Lorax web site on old growth forest at
> http://bcn.net/~sequoia/forest/index.htm?

No, that is definitely not me.  I live in the practical world and know that
a clear-cut when done properly and with reforestation is just a moment in
the cyclic life of a forest.  I wonder if the gentleman of the above page
realizes where all the computer paper comes form that he uses, or if he is
sitting at a wooden desk when he works on his web page, or if his home is a
wood frame house???  Well you got me going on that one. 

> And... what is your real name? We regulars here like to know real names.
Gee, I have viewed myself as a regular for sometime now, I just don't post
allot.  I guess that would make me a regular lurker.  I have used NC Lorax
for some time and did not use it to hide behind.  Well maybe a little,
there are so many crazy folks out there....

If you must know my name is Craig Clarke, I work for the NC Div of Forest
Resources in the lower middle section of the state known as the Sandhills.
(longleaf pine country).    Now that you know, I will probably still post
as NC Lorax.  I choose NC Lorax because my interpretation of the Dr. Suess
character was that the Lorax was not preaching protectionism of our forests
but conservation.

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