Woodsmen of the World

Mike Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Thu Aug 20 11:41:54 EST 1998

I've heard the IOOF as both Foresters and Odd Fellows.  Makes sense to

Theres an IOOF Hall in most any northwest mill town and they're all
pretty old.

William Hunt wrote:
> jnpbuck at aol.com (JNPBUCK) writes:
> >  Has anyone out there heard of a fraternal organization called the Woodsmen of
> >the World?  As far as I know, its like some sort of Elks club or the
> >Freemasons...but for foresters or loggers.  I've seen several cemetary
> >headstones in the shape of tree trunks with some inscription about Woodsmen of
> >the World or IOOF (I think this stands for International Order of Foresters).
> >I've searched the Web to no avail.  Any information or anecdotal stories would
> >be helpful.
> >Thank you.
> >Paul Buckland
> >Forester
>         I think IOOF is "International Order of Odd Fellows", a fraternal
>         order.  There is an IOOF retirement home here in Portland Oregon,
>         as well as a couple of lodges.  I've also seen IOOF initials on
>         old buildings, with a symbol of three links in a chain.
>         I've also heard something to the effect that the headstone in the
>         form of a tree trunk is meant to symbolize a life 'cut down'
>         before it's time.  These were sort of popular around the last turn
>         of the century.
>         Another popular tree symbol from that time was a willow tree, meant
>         to symbolize a new life rising from the old, ie, rebirth.
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> William Hunt, Portland Oregon USA               wjh at teleport.com

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