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Fri Aug 21 00:21:20 EST 1998


Been reading in the background for a few days to get the
feel of this newsgroup.  It appears to be pretty much on
target with some spam, but several knowledgable folks

Which brings me to my question.  My wife and I are tossing
around the idea of buying some land (in southern Missouri)
and planting some trees for our retirement.  We're in our
mid 30's now and hoping to retire around 60.  Our questions

1. Is this approach (buy land, manage it loosely for ~20
years, then harvest) financially sound?  Would we do better
by sticking our retirement $ in CDs or would the potential
future timber sales offer a greater return?

2. If this approach offers significant returns over other
savings/investment methods, what trees should we consider
planting, realizing that it'd be 15-20 years before we even
consider starting to harvest?

3. Can you point me to any good readings on the financial
aspects of tree farming?

I realize you may have seen these questions innumerable
times, if so point me to the NG FAQ and I'll retrieve some
data from there.  Thanx for your patience and I look forward
to your responses.

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