What to do?

Susan112 susan112 at aol.com
Fri Aug 21 21:57:18 EST 1998

Hi, I'm just back from a trip east and am catching up on newsgroups..    What
county/counties are you considering a land purchase in?  I can get you in touch
with consultants in that vicinity who can help you.  (State employed foresters
in Missouri cannot visit the land until after it's purchased and we can't do
appraisals which you'll want before buying. )

You'll want to look intensely at the current and potential real estate value
for a twenty year investment..ie. how close is it to major urban centers, does
it have blacktop frontage, electric, rural water etc. etc.   The recent chip
market has changed things in southern MO and I can't personally speak to it as
I'm closer to St. Louis with different markets altogether, but what has already
been mentioned in this thread is very good advice for this type of investment.


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