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Don't they give you guys at McDonalds lunch breaks?

Vince vincent.larin at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 23 07:37:24 EST 1998

SolsticeCreek at my-dejanews.com wrote:
> We city folk, don't know jack about the forested lands we're flocking
> to; universally have a heap of distrust for government programs, But we
> are used to hiring experts, and paying for their expertise.
> I bought the 18 acres for recreation in Mid Missouri. Someone told me my
> walnuts were worth a fortune, another said It'd cost a fortune to clear some
> out of my way. One sawmill said the acreage is too small,(no, I don't plan on
> clear-cutting the whole thing!)  Another said he didn't have the saw to cut
> thru tree's that big round. Then someone said he'd take the land off my hands
> for far less than I'd paid , another said "Well, you gots to get them tree's
> certified by the State." And, like I said, I don't get mixed up with
> government agencies.
> So here I am, unwilling to be beholding to the government, and there you are
> bitching about women taking all your government jobs so you have to work at
> McDonalds. Where are we supposed to meet when you guys  feel you're due the
> respect of other professions, but won't pay for a one liner in the yellow
> pages? Ok, Ok, so your not going to get rich by advising one small client,
> but no one else is serving the small landowner either. And some of my fellow
> city folk will be coming to your town with bigger pockets than I.
> Sue Varri
> An equa-feminist

Hi Sue Varri,

I do undestand youre concern.  I am a young forester in Quebec (Canada).
I've asked myself those same questions about rentability of a small
forest land.  I came to these conclusion.  First of all you should have
a forest management plan done, to be able to sell youre wood to local
sawmills ( if this is the law in youre state).  Of course 18 acres is
nothing for a sawmill, but how much is it worth for you. Just by
removing some trees could in fact help others to grow better, the fauna
could appreciate it, and youre land is going to regenerate gratefully.
The thing to remember here is what are YOURE priorities, money, fauna,
flora, bird watch.... What is so great about forestry is that this
passion can give you some money, cause if you like working on youre land
by yourself, time is not a problem.  One of my teacher told me if the
land is not givin to you, you wont make any money!  It's true.  But if
this activity is a form of relaxation frome the stress of the city, then
you make a lot a solid money as clearing youre mind (wich I qualify like
a virtual money income).

Sorry for mistakes, I am french


Vincent Larin ing.f.

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