Woman in forestry response

Susan112 susan112 at aol.com
Sat Aug 22 21:50:10 EST 1998


You never gave us any hard numbers on this, just your impressions,
name-calling, and condescending tone.  Troll! 

Someone else was talking about fancy brochure tea parties and a lot of other
silliness, fru-fru and plus the name-calling  (the b-word found it's way onto
one of these threads).  The tie to a liberal agenda is also interesting since
most women that I know in natural resources are distinctly apolitical and
adamantly avoid being labeled feminist for fear of being considered a

I know that AA has screwed good people and helped less qualified so I'm not
going to try to defend it here. What I would be interested in talking about is
women in the field and what they've brought to the table (other than slick
brochures please!).  How many of you have worked with women foresters?  How
many of you had to adapt to women entering the profession for the first time? 
What were the "pioneers" like vs. 20 years down the line to today?  How did
they/do they cope in a male dominated field? 


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