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Sun Aug 23 05:31:51 EST 1998

i would be mostz grateful if someone could answer the following
questions. thei are related to previous post in this group.
unfortunately i didnt realize their importance and deleted them. only
when later talking to people about this, the questions came up as well
as the importance to get them answered. here they are:

1. it was said, that approx. 2000 out of 3000 u.s. counties has been
declared disaster area by the USDA. the questions: 
who or what exactly is the USDA?
what are the consequences for a county to be declared *disaster area*?
is approx. 3000 the total number of counties in the u.s.?

2. it has been stated, that recently a new law has been issued, that
makes storage of food beyond the 30-day need of the household illegal.
the questions:
does anyone know as of when this law went into effect?
does anyone know the details (i.e. name or number of the law)?

any response, personal or public appreciated!

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