The Truth ISN'T Out There

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Aug 25 03:32:53 EST 1998


> The only problem is that I can't offer as much money lump sum as my competitor
> who will do exactly what the landowner wants in the first place.  Money talks.
> Some folks won't see the truth even if you hit them over the head with it.

This is the kind of thing that drives us all wild. A desire to do good
for the forest, and you can lose the job to some land rapist.

Perhaps it's time for the public to insist on silviculture. But I don't
know how to do this without major political problems from all sides.

Conservatives will say that the landowners has a right to WHATEVER he
decides. And most conservatives ALSO don't like bureaucracies who'd have
to enforce it- and who's to say the burros would be competent? There's
no reason that putting a burro label on anyone makes them a better
forester (for sure).

Liberals/environmentalists might like the idea of good silviculture but
might not like or trust the bureaucracy either. And they'll insist on
bad ideas like "keep all the big trees" instead of good silviculture-
which might even call for clearcuts.

I'm not sure what the solution is. It's got to be low cost but high

But we must have good silvicutlture for the health of the forest and for
the good of the forest economy long term.

I think the only solution is to have VERY high quality
professionalization of forestry with licensing and then a NATIONAL law
that says all forestry MUST be under the guidance of a LICENSED
FORESTER. Then if he/she decides on questionable silviculture- rather
than have a burro-ocracy take control of the situation- let the Licensed
Forester's reputation suffer, which it will. Within a few years of such
a law, landowners will realize that they need to investigate the
reputation of the forester.

This type of solution would go a long way towards raising the status of
the profession and result in better forests for future generations.

As a society we don't regulate .... er ... correct that... didn't
regulate the details of how doctors make decisions... i.e., didn't until
the medical establishment starting devouring our national wealth at an
ever faster clip. I doubt this would be a problem with foresters- taking
too much money.

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