What to do?

Wudman69 wudman69 at aol.com
Tue Aug 25 09:02:34 EST 1998

>That is $20 to $30 per cord.  Roughly $54 to $80 per ton on the local market.
>Twelve year old pine pulpwood is only possible on the best of sites under
>intensive management.  But, it is possible.
>Bob Miller
>Alabama Registered Forester

You have reversed your numbers there.  A cord of wood weighs roughly 2.6 tons
(depending on whose conversion you use----but a ton is a ton).  Generating a
first thinning at age 12-13 is[my] growth target for intensive culture on the
coastal plain of the South.  If you can make a site perform as a site 80 (base
25), then this target can be met.  This is done through the use of genetics,
herbicides, fertilization, and site specific mechanical methods.

Jeff Watts
NC Reg. For. #807

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