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I have also heard that it is illegal to hoard food, and has been so for many

But you may do better asking these questions on one of the legal type forums.

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> > i would be mostz grateful if someone could answer the following
> > questions. thei are related to previous post in this group.
> >
> > 2. it has been stated, that recently a new law has been issued, that
> > makes storage of food beyond the 30-day need of the household illegal.
> > the questions:
> > does anyone know as of when this law went into effect?
> > does anyone know the details (i.e. name or number of the law)?
> >
> > any response, personal or public appreciated!
> > georg parlow @ projekt LAV
> > mailto:georg at
> >
> >
> I believe I first asked about the 30 food law.  It was told to me by
> someone and I could not find anything on it myself so I asked here.  I have
> come to believe that it was not true.

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