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TREEFARMER at webtv.net TREEFARMER at webtv.net
Wed Aug 26 22:06:50 EST 1998

I burned Cottonwood one winter as firewood, it has the following

It produces almost no heat so one doesn't have to worry about cracking
bricks or getting the room to hot. 
It dries quickly.
It splits easily. Dry, as I remember.
It ignites easily, no kindling needed, almost just a match.
No sparks but lots of flame.
It's light in weight so anybody can carry in an armful; and you'll need
to 'cause it burns fast.
Since it burns fast and leaves no coals, one doesn't have to worry about
lingering fire in the fireplace. When it's out, it's out.
Anything left over after the season can be used as ditchfill as it won't
last another year regardless of care.

Ah yes, the lesser known values of Cottonwood.

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