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WWF Puts the Spotlight on Good Wood

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Thu Aug 27 01:14:52 EST 1998

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  ay903 at extra.lafn.org (Recycled News) wrote:

>    Certified wood is an emerging market in the U.S. that has risen out of
>    the awareness that conventional timber harvesting is devastating the
>    world's forests, which are home to most of the world's terrestrial
>    plant and animal species. More than two-thirds of the world's original
>    forests no longer exist and the remaining forests are disappearing at
>    the rate of almost 42 million acres a year, or about 1.3 acres per
>    second.

wow! that's a lot of wood! maybe. what is the area of the remaining
forests? i think we need to know that to work out if 1.3 acres per
second is a lot, or not.

>    To date, there are 25 million acres of FSC-certified forests
>    worldwide, including 3.5 million acres in the U.S. Collins Pine of
>    Portland, OR, was the first U.S. timber company to embrace
>    certification for 93,000 acres of land in Chester, CA, followed by an
>    additional 200,000 acres in Pennsylvania, Oregon and California.
>    Others include Seven Islands Land Company of Bangor, ME, Menominee
>    Tribal Enterprises of Keshena, WI, and Sedgwick Land Company of
>    Boston, GA.

so if there is 25 million acres, that's (25000000/1.3) = 222 days'
supply of wood.

if we assume that it takes 25 years for a tree to grow to havestable
size, we need (25000000*365.25*25)/(1.3*222) = 791 million acres of
forest. convert that into *real* units!!!!!! = 317 million hectares
 = 3.2 million square kilometres of forest.
total land area on the planet = about 20 million square kilometres
i think. that's a lot of forest we're gonna need!


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