The Truth ISN'T Out There

KMorrisD kmorrisd at
Wed Aug 26 21:36:41 EST 1998

kmorrisd at (KMorrisD) wrote:

>If you have a 12" DBH chip-n-saw tree with 100 bf (Intnl) at $20/Mbf (I'm
>guessing at value), that tree is worth $2.  But if you grow it for 10 years
>into a 16"DBH tree with 250 bf at $100/Mbf (guessing again, also on growth
>rate), then it's worth $25.

Did I goof on those stumpage values or what?  Just checked the ones in the What
to do? thread.  But if you shift the diamters down 2" and change bf to cords,
you get about the same rate of value growth.

Around here pine pulp is worth zip.  No nearby markets.  Hemlock pulp is worth
something, but not near your southern pine prices.  It has to go all the way to
southern Maine  

So does anyone grow southern pine bigger than 14"?  From those prices it would
seem that's where you'd want to cut.  Or do really big, clear logs get a


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