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Wed Aug 26 22:23:47 EST 1998

KMorrisD wrote:

> So does anyone grow southern pine bigger than 14"?  From those prices it would
> seem that's where you'd want to cut.  Or do really big, clear logs get a
> premium?

We do in Texas, because of the Doyle Rule.  Volume increases under the
Doyle Rule really blow up in the 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch classes.  And
the Doyle has flipped into the weight scale as well.  We do get a
premium from some mills, and degrade from others.  Most of our more
"modern" mills are now downsizing to take only self produced plantation
stock, less than 14" in many cases.  And those same mills cannot handle
24" wood anymore.  So our current range for maximum volume in minimum
time is the 14 to 18" log.  

On the other side, there are somoe mill people who are beginning to see
a small resurgance in producing the larger log, and a market for the
products (timbers) that can come only from the larger logs.  One man
here is using a WoodMizer to produce SYP timbers up to 28 foot lengths
for shipment to the west coast, and doing well enough to stay in
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