Woman in forestry response

Anton Sather viking at vision.net.au
Fri Aug 28 04:43:04 EST 1998

An observation-no women responded to this.

In Tasmania we have had female foresters with no less success than male
foresters.  On the tough physical tasks they generally have more difficulty,
they are up to all the other tasks tho.

Joseph Zorzin wrote in message <35DD9F53.72EAA83 at forestmeister.com>...
>Sagola Hardwoods wrote:
>> I found your letter regarding "Woman in Forestry" quite ridiculous!!!  My
>> only response  to your most definitely, male chauvanist letter is to
>> that I think you should move to a third world country where they treat
>> woman no better than an animal.  The United States is not a male
>> society which promotes sex discrimination.
>> It makes no difference whether a person is male or female when it comes
>> choosing a career, but I agree with you in one way, being qualified does.
>> Many unqualified men are in careers they should not be in and are making
>> excellent incomes.  And, just as many qualified woman have been under
>> for jobs, as far as history goes back.
>> Personally, what we don't need is more men like you in forestry!!
>Well, I can see you cowardly didn't reply in the newsgroups and your
>lame brain didn't comprehend my message, so I'll bring this here. I was
>pointing out that women are POSSIBLY over represented in burro-ocracies
>due to affirmative action, when they are a small minority of forestry
>Rather than act like it's that time of the month with a bitchy letter to
>me, you should have read that letter more carefully and responded in a
>professional manner, for which I was ready for a professional dialogue.
>You are obviously incapable of that.
>Now if you try again, we might be able to discuss this issue, and next
>time don't be such a wimpy coward, do it in public and give your name.
>And I am not a male chauvinist. That's is the obviously most stupid
>thing I've heard in years. Every time anyone says anything about women-
>that possibly, just possibly there might be SOME problems with
>affirmative action, many of you go nuts- and start whimpering.
>Joe Zorzin

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