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Women, minorities and AA in the USFS

Larry Harrell fotoware at jps.net
Fri Aug 28 23:13:39 EST 1998

There is a little notice on all USFS job annoucements that says equal
opportunity for all applicants. I beg to differ. When I apply for jobs, if
I get passed the women, minorities, veterans, spouses of current employees,
Peace Corps people, reinstatement eligibles, transfers and the downsized,
then I have to compete with all the other highly qualified white males.
District Rangers, who have the final say in hiring people, are evaluated on
how diverse of a workforce they have. Entry level jobs, such as
timbermarking and harvest inspecting, as well as the other resource
protection jobs, are perfect for getting "politically correct" employess on
board. You don't have to know much to qualify for the basic positions, and
many non-white and non-male people are hired that way. Higher positions
that my experience would qualify me for are not offered to the general
public. My 16 years with the USFS don't count for diddly towards a
permanent position because I was a "temporary employee". Temps cannot even
APPLY for most positions within the USFS!!!! I have worked in positions
that should have been permanent but, the USFS broke rules and abused many
temps, even publicly admitting it.

I know that some women and some minorities can do the arduous and difficult
jobs well and I have been supervisors for some of them. I would much rather
work with some spirited and experienced woman than a smelly timber beast of
a man. However, some women were not made for working in the woods and are a
liability sometimes. When a woman can't pee behind a tree, she doesn't
belong in the woods. When a minority can't struggle through neck high thick
manzanita and other brush, they don't belong either. Same for everyone. Not
just everyone is well-suited for this kind of work and, if you don't like
the work, don't apply for the job.

To truly offer equal employment opportunities for all, hide all names,
genders and such from the selection process. Social Security numbers should
suffice for that. Unfortunately, that would rule out contacting previous
employers and that is important in hiring a person. Positions should be
filled with the best person available. If a woman or minority is truly
equal, then they SHOULD get the job but, when the USFS compares my 16 years
of experience with the 2 years of a woman or minority, they rate us the

So, if you have a son who wants to work for the USFS, gently but firmly
steer them away towards another field of endeavor. There is no room in the
USFS for a man of my heritage and experience. 
       Larry Harrell Fotoware
Making software out of Fotos for over five years now
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