Trees under threat.

Dana Hutchins Dana at
Mon Aug 31 14:42:23 EST 1998

There is a fungus called Armillaria, also known as shoe string root rot.
The fungus has mushrooms which have been called "honey mushrooms," so I
assume this is the disease they are talking about.

Armillaria is a big deal because it affects a tree's root system.  A main
concern would be that the tree would subsequently be at a risk of failing
and hurting somebody.  You can look at the base of the trees to see if you
find any black, string-like material I believe are called "rhizomorphs" or
peel back the bark to see a white, fan like, mycelium (sp).

Take a look at or search for
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new_user at wrote in message <#Tlq1PL19GA.112 at upnetnews03>...
>I live in a street which had English Oaks on either side. They are now
>cleared. On enquiring why I was told that they are affected by honey
>Inspecting the reduced trunks these threes look fantastucally healthy.
>An I missing something?

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