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> Larry Caldwell wrote:
> > 
> > Talk to Zorzin about marking the thinning.  He's a genius with a spray
> > can.
> Actually, I intend someday to go walking through the forestry
> bureaucrats office with my marking gun, and squirting paint on those I
> think need to be "harvested" out of their jobs. It should be fun walking
> around them, with fear in their eyes, that the gravy days might be over.
> <G>
I have often contemplated going "postal" with a paint gun in the offices in
the USFS. Give those desk jockeys a taste of paint. Many District Rangers
have their signatures on timber sale contracts and EA's but have never set
foot within the timber sale area. Paint guns DO fit almost anyone's hand
and if you sign on the dotted line, you'd better be damned well sure that
your people have done the job right in this day and age of lawsuits and
injunctions. Unfortunately, the USFS feels that any person off the street
can practice sound forestry. 
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