Stewardship or Bureaucrat Incentives Program?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Aug 31 07:29:51 EST 1998

The proof of the failure of the current policies propagated by the feds
and state (Mass. any ways) is that in our state - about 3/4 of which is
forest- about 85% of this forest has never seen a REAL forester, yet
almost all has at one time or another been high graded severely- most
have been high grade many times.

So, ladies and gentleman, it ain't working, the current policies for
private land, yet countless forestry bureaucrats continue to live the
life of Riley in the pretense that the system is working, like all those
Soviet burros that until the day the Soviet Union disappeared, continued
to say that they lived in the "workers paradise". Well, THEY lived in
the Soviet Burros Paradise of illusions, delusions and psychoses.

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