SIP Ceilings on Forester Fees

KMorrisD kmorrisd at
Mon Aug 31 21:12:58 EST 1998

By way of follow up on my previous post of August 26, I received a phone call
today from Steve Anderson, the SIP coordinator that I had sent the letter to. 
He called to apologize for stating what I/consultants should charge for
management plans.  He also said that his office was reviewing cost-share rates,
with a view toward raising some of them.

He said they were preparing another questionnaire for consulting foresters
about the fees that they/we charge for various services.  I said that should
have nothing to do with SIP cost-share rates.  I said they should say what they
are willing to pay and say NOTHING about percentages or anything that would
infer rates that consultants should charge.

I promised Steve that I was not going to quit on this issue.  I hope other
consultants in other states will join in this effort to keep them from setting
price ceilings on foresters' fees.  The policy on cost-share percentages and
implicit fee ceilings is probably set by the US Forest Service.  They
apparently view consultants the same way they view their temporary workers. 
They should not be allowed to get away with either view.

Are there any lawyers out there who would be interested in taking on this
policy of the SIP bureaucrats and their Forest Service masters?  I imagine that
if we calculated the damages, or losses, that they would be considerable on a
national basis.



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