erosion issues

Richard McGuiness Armich at
Thu Dec 3 02:58:47 EST 1998

I wrote this letter in response to an article on siltation here in
Humboldt County. It was printed July 30. PL and Redwood National Park
were both working up long range plans. Four local watershed groups were
suing over logging practices damaging watersheds and private property
below them. CDF, BLM, USFS, Fish and Game, Fish and Wildlife all have
offices here. We have two and four year schools with forestry and
fishery departments. We have restoration groups. Only one comment was
made, that apparently this had fallen on deaf ears. Carbon capture
energy credits and wildlife conservation easements could make Smith's
vision of a stable and profitable landscape a reality, especially if the
rhizosphere is recognized as the source of all forest wealth and managed
that way. And when we take care of the hillsides, the fish will be right
behind us.
                           Richard McGuiness
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