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Don Baccus wrote:
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> >"There is a straight-forward, easily understood formula for conducting
> >fruitful debates here on this list, in meetings, or in personal
> >conversations, and anywhere: confine the discussion to the substance of
> >the questions and avoid pejorative comments about other participants.
> If this were a true statement of the preconditions for fruitful
> meetings or debate, physicists would still be politely discussing
> the ether, geographers the flat earth, biologists the date of
> creation ... well, you get the idea.  Informal academic debate is
> often anything but polite and impersonal.
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Unfortunately, forestry is not a real science, it's just a fancy trade
pretending to be a science and a lofty profession, so the higher ups are
mostly pumped up with their own hot air; and since they know this deep
down, they don't like anyone asking too many questions or pointing out
the lies and deceipt. 
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